Middle Years

The middle years are grades VI to VIII – a transitional stage when a student passes through a critical phase of physical, mental and emotional change – from childhood to adolescence. At Imperial International School we understand this need and remain alert to fulfill them. We frame classroom environs to fulfill the student’s needs & abilities and our faculty works on one to one basis with students. The lesson plans, assignment plans, evaluation plans are designed & administered without ambiguity. The middle year faculty is committed towards meeting the following objectives:

  • Preparing a profound programme designed to meet the multifaceted needs of students, thereby preparing them for high school
  • Exploring the globe in unison with the self.
  • Developing personality through camps, workshops, student officials to boost their leadership qualities and invoking their sense of responsibility & decision making ability.
  • Participation in plethora of co-curricular activities such as dramas, athletics, and games quizzes, declamations, debates, group discussions with the duo objectives of participation & competitive spirit.